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The majority of the cast from Solatorobo, from left to right, Chocolat, Red, Elh, Gren, Calua, Opéra, Merveille, Béluga.

"Little Tail Bronx" is a game series created by CyberConnect2. The games include Tail Concerto, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, Little Tail Story, and Strelka Stories. All the games take place within the vast world of Tail Bronx, a world composed of giant floating islands.

Tail Bronx: Project WIKI's goal is to make a reliable and convinient wiki for all things related to Tail Bronx. The wiki is currently in need of content and editors, please consider.

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Solatorobo: Red the Hunter was a new game that hit it off and became pretty popular! On this wiki, we'll have character names and their robots, as well as in-personalities and pasts where they are provided. If you wish to help this wiki, start by editing and adding pages!

Tail ConcertoEdit

Tail Concerto is a Action-Adventure Platform made by CyberConnect. The story follows Waffle Ryebread, a young cop tasked with stopping the Black Cat Gang, led by a friend from his childhood, Alicia Pris. He also soon discovers that he must stop the devious Fool from awakening the Iron Giant, and sentient robotic menace from ancient times.


Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is an Action RPG made by CyberConnect2, and is the spiritual successor to Tail Concerto. The story follows Red Savarin, a hunter who meets a mysterious youth, which then leads to him having to stop the crime syndicate Kurvaz and their goals to awaken Lares. He also learns the dark secrets of his past...

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