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Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, or Soratorobo -Sore Kara Kōda e- (Sky and Robot -And Then, To CODA) in Japanese. The second game in the Little Tail Bronx series, developed by CyberConnect2 for the Nintendo DS. Being the indirect sequel to Tail Concerto, it features artwork and character designs by the same person; manga artist Nobuteru Yūki and music by Chikayo Fukuda. The game features cutscenes made by Madhouse. It also features the songs "And Then, To CODA" and "Re-CODA", both preformed by Tomoyo Mitani.

Set in a steampunk country of the Shepard Republic, inhabited by the Caninu and Felineko, the story focuses on a Hunter named Red Savarin who pilots his personal mecha, the DAHAK-AZI03. On a seemingly ordinary mission, he encounters a mysterious Felineko named Elh Melizée, and becomes involved in a series of events that reveal the hidden truth of the origin of his world and the ones who live in it.


Solatorobo is an action role-playing game where players control Red piloting the Dahak, using it's long arms to grab and throw objects or enemies. Red can use enemies against each other by throwing. Each time an enemy is defeated, Red gains experience points that allow him to gain levels, making him stronger and increasing his health. The Dahak can be upgraded and customized by purchasing parts with the currency, Rings, which consist of simple geometric shapes that fit into slots unlocked by finding "P. Crystals" throughout the game. As the story progresses, he gains new offensive abilities such as swinging an opponent around or firing projectiles, and also the ability to customize the Dahak for different circumstances. Red can also exit his machine at any time, giving him the ability to swim, climb ladders, activate panels or switches, and immobilize enemies with his stun gun.

Voice CastEdit

The voice cast of Solatorobo includes a wide cast of Voice Actors known for Anime.

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