Opéra Kranz
Race Felineko/Russian Blue
Gender Female
Age 20
Mecha Tiamat-FL
Allies Gren, Calua,
Béluga. Merveille
Enemies Red Savarin
Status Alive
Voiced By Yuzuki Ryouka

Opéra Kranz (オペラ・クランツ, Opera Kurantsu?)is the head of Kurvaz's Special Operations Unit. Always optimistic and rather domineering, she speaks with an imperious drawl and is usually seen with her subordinates Calua and Gren, with whom she has been working together with for quite some time.

She manages her team under the direction of the Kurvaz leader, Bruno, but has a bit of conflict within herself about Bruno's increasingly aggressive and inhumane orders. She pilots the Tiamat-FL.


Opéra has peach colored fur, purple ears, and long lavender hair. She wears a lavender outfit with three zippers, along with a black catsuit and purple socks. The arms and socks, along with the outfit have blue stripes with spikes protruding outward from them. Opéra also carries a lavender fan with the Kurvaz pawprint logo on it. Her tail is lavender with a purple tip and her eyes are red. She wears blue eye shadow and has red stripes on her cheeks.


Opéra is flashy and self-worshiping. She will do just about anything she wants, but she does know when things are going too far.




Gren and Calua
In an endgame quest, it is found that both Gren and Calua are her servants and the only things that she has after her family mysteriously dissappeared and robbed.


Bruno Dondurma
She used to work as part of Bruno's Special Ops until nearing the end of the first part of the game.

Trivia Edit

In the special endgame quest, it is later found out that she is Claustrophobic

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