Merveille Million
Race Caninu/Collie
Gender Female
Age 29
Mecha N/a
Allies Kurvaz, Baion, Béluga
Enemies N/a
Status Alive
Voiced By Emi Shinohara

Merveille Million (メルヴェーユ・ミリオン, Meruvēyu Mirion?), the Officer and Development Chief of the Kurvaz and Bruno's personal secretary. Considered a notable genius even in the Shephard Republic, she has put her skills to work in many different fields. She is particularly brilliant when it comes to Mecha designs, and is personally responsible for raising the standards of Kurvaz machines.


Merveille is a Collie with light peach fur and long yellow hair. She dresses in rose a colored shirt and pants, both decorated with golden patterns around the cuffs and neck. She has dark greenish-blue eyes and glasses.


As a scientist Merveille has a rather logical-thinking and distanced personality at the beginning of the story, but becomes more open and caring for the group around Red in the progressing of their adventure. She seems to show remorse for her past doings at some points in the game.


She worked alongside Baion to create the Hybrids Nero, Blanck, and Red. In the process of creating Red, purposefully created him to be a failure so that he may get help and evolve. She released Red along with the Dahak so that Red may live instead of being exterminated by Baion. She eventually left Baion and lived as Bruno's secretary.


She works alongside Béluga to help seal Lares away.

She used to work as Bruno's secretary but then became lead scientist after Bruno's death.


In the second part of the game, it is later found out that she is Red's creator and "mother" and the one that also saved Red from being exterminated by Baion. When she saved Red she also gave him the Dahak and let him escape. She also gives a role in helping Red reach Trance and creating the Dahak MK2.

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