Chocolat Gelato
Race Caninu/Pomeranian
Gender Female
Age 13
Mecha Asmodeus(techinically)
Allies Red, Elh
Enemies Kurvaz
Status Alive
Voiced By Asumi Kana

Chocolat Gelato (ショコラ・ジェラート, Shokora Jerāto?) is Red's adoptive sister and partner. Together, they perform Hunter work - Chocolat pilots the Asmodeus and provides comm support to Red during missions. She is also capable of performing some mechanical work on the Dahak and airship.

Chocolat also controls the team's finances. However, in most in-game missions, rewards are added to Red's inventory so that the player can spend them on upgrades and painted plates. As a pilot, Chocolat is noted as being very highly skilled, able to operate the large Asmodeus expertly in cluttered airspaces or during combat.


In a sharp contrast to her older shipmates, Chocolat is responsible, mature, adult-like and perfectly capable of running the Asmodeus singlehandedly. She represents a compromise of Red's and Elh's traits in a number of ways - she is not as intelligent as Elh but has much more common sense and many more practical skills than both Elh and Red, both of whom can be lazy and clueless, and she is not as hands-on and physical as Red but is moreso than Elh, to give two examples. This serves as a way by which the two are further compared while also maintaining Chocolate as a separate character.

She also acts as a somewhat distant commentator on many of the game's events, usually with a sarcastic and wry tone befitting her worldly nature. Her rather acerbic but cheerful demeanor, as well as reliable nature, at times makes her seem like one of the few well adjusted characters in the world of Solotarobo, and certainly the only member of the Asmodeus crew who could be described as such.

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