Calua Napage
Race Felineko/Ocelot
Gender Male
Age 18
Mecha OverMephisto 9MS
Allies Gren, Opéra,
Béluga Damiens, Merveille
Enemies Red Savarin(originally)
Status Alive
Voiced By Yamamoto Taisuke

Calua Napage ( カルア・ナパージュ, Karua Napāju?) is a member of Kurvaz's Special Operations Unit and Opéra's long time subordinate. A natural airhead who sometimes doesn't take things too seriously. He looks up to Opéra and considers Gren a valuable partner and friend.

He has a strange verbal tic of qualifying everything with a "might" or a "maybe." He addresses almost everyone, with the exception of Opéra, as "dude," regardless of rank. He pilots the OverMephisto 9MS.


Calua is a light brown colored Ocelot with green eyes. Oddly he looks rather young for his age and despite being older than Red, looks younger than him. He has wild spiky red hair, along with stripes on his face. He dresses in free-spirited styled ninja like armor, which leaves his mid-section exposed..


Calua is feisty and fun loving. He goes head first into everyone and just wants to have fun. He also prefers "cool" over "functionality" as shown with his mecha, the OverMephisto.




Gren is Calua's brother-in-arms. Despite Gren's personality being almost the exact opposite of Calua's, they maintain a brotherly relationship.

It is later found out in an endgame quest that Calua is one of Opéra's servants.


Burno Dondurma
He worked in the Special Ops alongside Opéra and Gren.

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