Alicia Pris, one of the Cat People and leaders of the Black Cats Gang, is a childhood friend of Waffle Ryebread, and possibly a love interest. Alicia is the leader of the Kuroneko-dan (Black Cats Gang). With a hatred for all dogs, she wants to collect five artifact jewels that will help her to build a homeland for all the cats. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't know the full story behind these crystals, and her emotions sometimes get in her way.


Alicia Pris is the main antagonist, leader of the Black Cats Gang, and oldest of three Pris sisters, Stare being the middle sister, and Flare being the youngest of the three. Quick to anger and tomboyish, the fact that she and childhood friend Waffle are on opposite sides of the law (as well as different races) makes their relationship complex. Alicia hates Dog-People and believes that they stole Prairie from the Cat-People. But she still holds Waffle dear to her heart, despite the opposite sides; this is evident that she cherishes the pendant he gave to her when they were children.

Love TriangleEdit

Alicia and Princess Terria both fight over Waffle, neither one actually telling him how they feel. Or that Waffle might be too dense to notice.

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